While you all head out to American Girl and do your princess-y tea party things

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Don’t think I’m the least bit envious.  See this and realize that this is what my life with two boys looks like:


This is the bottom of the actual envelope that’s staring me down from my kitchen table right now. I’m a little scared to open it. Does open immediately mean right now or is there some kind of buffer time where I can slip it back into the mailbox and wait until the hubby gets home so he can find it and open it immediately?  And are the ants going to be in some kind of container or will they literally just jump out of this envelope?  How does one exactly get ants from this package and into the ant farm? (I doubt you can just round them up and go “Hey ants-here’s your new home!” I think there might be some actual ant handling involved-ew yuck.) I’m so curious and oh so not at the same time.  I would totally welcome an overdose of pink and sparkles right about now.  This sounded like such a good idea when the ant package was NOT in my house.  (Oh and you get ants at www.antsalive.com of course.  You wouldn’t want not alive ants, right?  I’ll let you know how this one plays out.)  I’m so glad the duo can’t read yet.

4 thoughts on “While you all head out to American Girl and do your princess-y tea party things

  1. I braved it and did it myself. There was the grossest vial full of squirmy little ants. I was terrified but now I’m oh so proud;) Thanks for stopping by Lynette!

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