A week in snapshots

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I can’t help but take photos of so many things we do, and then the week goes by and I have too many memories that I forget to share or they’re not really big enough to blog about.  So before they get lost in the 5000+ photos stuck in my phone, here are some of the week’s highlight in snapshots:

I think the layered jello thing might be making a comeback.  I’ve seen them at a few parties recently so thought I’d give it a try.  This one I call “green deconstructed” and I used this recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

Green deconstructed layered jello recipe

A little narwhale leftover from the snowglobes we made at Christmas time found its way into my chives which actually looked like they died and came back to life!

Narwhal from Archie mcphees

We tried out the new 4649 Japanese restaurant in Wallingford and it was amazing.  I love the okonomiyaki and the boys had a salmon dish that was phenomenal too.

Yakisoba in Seattle

We bought macarons for “macaron day” though we go here almost weekly.  These of course are from Honore in Ballard and they do make amazing flavors.

Macarons in Seattle

The lovely ladies from Assemble Shop did the Seattle Blogger Meetup group (it’s organized by Lyndsey from The Stationery Place if you’re curious!) this week, so I may actually have acquired a new skill.  I can’t stop looking at the little pattern I (YES MEEEE!) made with their kit and they have the cutest things in their shop, especially if you like cool designs and stamps.


I braved the ant package and actually opened it up and dumped it in the ant jar.  Blech.  This thing creeps me out but all the boys in the house think it’s the coolest thing ever!

All the boys in the house also helped to make a little house we bought at Costco.  I sat inside and read magazines because this looked like way too much construction.


Portage Bay Cafe actually has a printed kids’ menu now (that’s our favorite breakfast restaurant and for the longest time this was a just word of mouth kids’ menu) and this is what the kid’s pancake looks like:


And if you’re looking for an awesome cooking class for your kids, we just finished the one at Twirl and this is the spread they made at their last class.  Miss Farah was such a fabulous teacher and I totally enjoyed my 50 minutes with my tea alone in the cafe downstairs.  (The next one starts in April!  To find it just scroll down in their class descriptions)


Yay that tomorrow’s Friday!  Does anyone have anything fun going on this weekend?

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