little things getting me through monday

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Oh Monday morning.  Today when I heard the pitter-patter of little feet, I didn’t want to get up so I threw the covers over my head and played a game called “Mommy’s hiding” until the littles gave up trying to find me and started a new game instead.  And then I came up with the most incredible invention if it doesn’t already exist.  Could someone please invent a remote control coffee button for my alarm clock.  One that when I press snooze more than 3 times it automatically starts the coffee machine in the kitchen.  And bonus points if it can pull an espresso shot and magically make coffee art?  Oh how magical a remote-control coffee machine would be.  (Apparently it’s already been done.  When I actually removed myself from my bed I found this tutorial on how to make your remote control or computer actually do this but this is way too techy: I just need the guys to grow a few more inches and then I know I can create a voice-activated machine.)

Other fun things getting me by this Monday: this little commercial put on by Ontario’s Minsitry of Health in Canada makes me giggle hysterically.

And this one did make me check out American Eagle for the first time in ages: I totally thought they were real.  I’m so gullible!

I want this backpack for chasing the kids around this summer.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.33.08 AM

But I also want this one too (and it’s on sale!!), so I need to make up my mind.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.35.04 AM

And the hubby refused to get me this when we saw it on our date night last week.  (Yes, we had a date night at Spinasse and it was yummy!  This was a nougat-y type ice cream dessert that was oh so delightful and we sat at the bar so we could watch noodles being made while we devoured them.)


And so now I’m leaving hints everywhere (PS. it’s free shipping online!) for this little hedgehog that you plant cactuses into its back.  I actually wish it was a little bigger because it would be so cute in my kitchen in giant form.  Or I could get a big one and two little ones, because that would be like me and my guys.


I’m also looking for running shoes because mine are hurting my feet and I can run 3.5 miles without stopping or walking now and it would be horrible to give up running just because I hate my shoes.  So any suggestions are totally welcome. (PS. S we are going to kill that half-marathon this summer!)

Happy shopping Monday!

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