A lovely day for a Blizzard


April 10, 2013 by admin



Normally I wouldn’t welcome a blizzard.  I’m not even a total fan of the ones at Dairy Queen, even though they can be quite delightful.  But last week we had an especially blustery day and all the cherry blossoms in the neighborhood came down like snow.


The boys and I went for a walk and even came across a fitting winter remnant in our neighborhood.  It’s nice that this is the only type of blizzard we should be getting around here for a while.


But I still can’t put away my winter jacket. The boys are still playing hockey which means this ensemble is my weekend attire.


(The look is complete when I zip the whole thing over my mouth so you can only see my eyes while I freeze on the sidelines.)  This past weekend we could barely watch our own guys because we were entranced by the antics of this little player.  Mid-practice amidst flying pucks and falling skaters he decided to perform snow angels on the ice.  It’s pretty neat how kids just make you stop and remember the delight there is in every day life.  photo(731)


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