Art Appreciation at Seattle Restaurant Week

cuoco with kids in seattle
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The other day the hubby had time to meet for lunch so I scanned some Seattle Restaurant Week offerings that were in the neighborhood.  Usually I call ahead to see if a restaurant has a kids’ meal (to find out if it’s kid-friendly or not) and I forgot to this time, but Cuoco has one of those kids meals that if you ask you can get a noodle plate so it’s semi-kid friendly and they were really great with ours.  We all decided to go with the Restaurant Week lunch and the guys were pretty excited about the beet salad option because they love the beet salad at Tutta Bella. They were also intrigued with the painting behind our table.

“Is she eating pizza in the bathtub????!!”


No that is most definitely pie.  And if it were me it would be something chocolate-y or coconut cream pie if it’s a Tom Douglas one.  Oh wouldn’t I love to have a long luxurious bath like that because she’s been in there so long that the bubbles are gone and she still hasn’t finished the whole pie.

“I’d definitely eat pizza in the bathtub.”  Well good for you my son.  Not me.  I’d definitely eat pie.  Nevermind that I’m having a conversation with a 4-year old about what to eat in a bathtub.

But there was a time when King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub was a favorite and we had many conversations about that book because it deals with some really weird situations in a bathtub too.  Thank goodness the food arrived.

The guys loved their salads and noodle dish.


But we all found dessert divine.


Oh dear. I thought we were more well-behaved than we were.  Please just look at our hands.


I love restaurant week because it’s a nice chance for the hubby and I to get out to some of the places we love to go on date nights without them being so spendy and if it’s lunch it’s nice to bring the guys out too and show them places they’ll get to go to dinner with us when they’re older.  Anyone else Restaurant Weeking it in Seattle this week and next?

(PS. the guys learned a new word: budino.  It’s the chocolate delight in the little jam jar and the hubby has to bring me back to Cuoco alone because I barely got a sniff of it.  I seriously must love those guys.)


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