Fun place for photos in Seattle


April 12, 2013 by Terumi

places to get good photos in seattle

A fun place for photos in Seattle

Everytime we go to Ella Bailey park I feel like I’m playing tourist in my own town because of its spectacular views of the Seattle skyline.  Sometimes we get photos on the tire swing, or while the kids are climbing ropes like Spider Man.  The huge slide here terrifies me (remember I’m terrified of all things playground), but the boys are starting to get the hang of it and I guess it’s better that they climb here than in my house.  (And since it’s a popular park there are more people to help out when there’s blood which is a definite plus for me.). There are picnic tables, a nice little loop kids can bike around and lots of places to climb and play-there is a small playground meant for the really littles and one geared more for older kids so it’s a great park for kids of all ages.
This past trip, I was obsessed with the view of downtown Seattle that you can see from this park.  We had a short break in the rain and the sun was totally trying to break through.

Fun place to take photos with kids in seattle

It was definitely something cheer about.  We all were excited for a little sunny weather.

Fun place to take photos in seattle

I took a shot through one of the playground climbing holes.


And the hubby teased me ferociously for being so ‘artsy’ but being the true sport that he is, he found me another view.



Seattle with kids-places to take photos

And while we were distracted trying to figure out different photo angles our two littles took the opportunity to run away to the other end of the park, signaling an end to our park adventure.  But we’ll be back.  Maybe we’ll even picnic here this summer.  It’s such a great park for the whole family and when the sun shines over Seattle it’s glorious-I’m so glad I brought my camera!

Place to take photos in Seattle with kids


  1. We are heading to Seattle with our kids this Summer, we may have to check out this park, it looks fantastic!

  2. Well, why haven’t we been there?! Definitely going to change that, and head there very soon! I love Magnolia. Enjoy the new look of your site!

  3. Shelley says:

    Thanks for the tips. These places you have mentioned definitely look like great spots to take some photos in Seattle. I have a couple of my own ideas as well.

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