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April 29, 2013 by Terumi

Of all the big things on my mind as I get ready for Monday, this one is the heaviest in tangibility at least:


This is the Restoration Hardware catalog that came the other day.  It was so thick and so heavy, it felt like it took a whole forest to make it.  At least it gave me a reason to try out my new scale.  (Apparently this is the most accurate way of getting baking measuring right, thank you very much Delancey cooking classes.)

The thick plastic wrap added an additional 0.02 kilograms to make the whole thing weigh in at 2.254 kilograms which is almost 5 pounds in our language which is way more than either of my babies weighed at birth!


(PS. I no longer have babies.  I know that because they are big enough to tell me that they want another baby.  Another boy so the three of them can gang up on me in hockey which is definitely not going to happen.  And they are big enough to skate by themselves.  I wish I’d thought of buying these skates sooner-they’re like the ones I had growing up but an in-line version and yes, they are made of plastic, but at least they don’t have batteries.)

photo(814) photo(815)

(PPS.  I will not be buying anything from Restoration Hardware for a while because with all the furniture they make out of trees and all the paper they’ve wasted with their catalog which I do not subscribe to but still somehow get, I fear there may not be any more trees for my babies’ babies when they grow up.)


  1. Lisa Wood says:

    Those skates look like so much fun!
    And my late Grandma was in a “Greenie” club so she would be upset with all those trees wasted 🙂 Never ever seen a catalog that heavy before.

    • Terumi says:

      These skates are pretty fun! The guys are almost too big for them-they fit up to a size 11/12 ish toddler shoe, I think. We are so lucky for people like your grandma. I hope I never see another catalog this heavy again. What a waste!

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