A little bit of batter can make the world better


May 7, 2013 by Terumi

There are many things that you can do to make the world a better place.  It may sound corny, but I totally believe that if you smile at someone then maybe they will smile at someone else causing them to buy a wonderful thing they might not have bought otherwise (yes, for me somehow it always comes down to buying) like a crazy hat that catches the eye of someone else who wouldn’t have noticed them without the hat and ultimately this causes the chain reaction that ends up with someone becoming the next president who ultimately gives us world peace.  That kind of thing.  This is the magic that makes me want to live every single day to it’s fullest.

Perhaps this could also start with cupcakes.

There is a really neat organization in Seattle called Birthday Dreams and yes I’ve talked about them before but they really tug at my heart because birthdays are so magical.  Birthday Dreams believes that every child deserves a birthday and they bring birthday parties to homeless children and children living in foster homes.


I’ve baked a couple times for them, and I’ve tried my best to make from scratch, tasty cakes.   For my last bake, I chose a yellow cake recipe from my favorite Smitten Kitchen (I think I’ve bought at least 5 copies of that cookbook now for family and friends) and I used this lovely frosting found from Savory Sweet Life.  (I love her cookbook too!)

The cakes turned out fine and tasty but I so wish I could decorate them a little better.  For my guys I usually cheat and put plastic rings on top after sprinkling and I keep forgetting to see if I can do this here.  I think next time I could even just cover them with cool m and m patterns because they look really yummy that way and its fool-proof.

But I know from reading some amazing Seattle blogs that there are definitely many more folks out there who could create some fantastic looking cakes.  And if you’re up to the challenge, there are weekly requests for things like Hello Kitty, Cars or Tinkerbell-I’ve seen them and I’ve been tempted, but I fear a cake wreck.

There is a very magical process that you go through when you think about someone you don’t know having a birthday, eating the cake you made, and celebrating with some people that they love, knowing that they are being celebrated for being here.  And, that’s what makes me want to do it and the type of thing that puts a smile on my face and helps me want to pass that along too.

If you’re up for the challenge, please check out my friends at Birthday Dreams and see if there’s something they need that you can help out with.  They also need people to help with parties too.  I think I’m going to try that out next.  (Let me know if you want to come with.)

(PS. this might just be something that might Alter your world, another amazing community I learned about in the last year that has an incredible spark for celebrating beautiful things.

(PPS. 🙂 )






  1. What a wonderful organization! I love that they make birthday wishes and dreams come true. we all want to feel special on our birthdays and children hold those birthday memories so dearly. This tugged at my heartstrings. I will pass this on to friends up there and hope they can participate. I’m not a baker but do love to help plan a party. Thanks Terumi, you’ve inspired me to look for something like this closer to home and I hope they have one.

    • Terumi says:

      I hope you find something like this one:) I wish more places had organizations like Birthday Dreams!

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