Happy Anniversary Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

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May 22, 2013 by Terumi

Chihuly garden and glass museum with kids

I’m on the Chihuly Garden and Glass mailing list and when I saw it was their first anniversary this week I couldn’t believe it’s already been around a year and I haven’t visited them yet.  My mom and dad were in town and up for some touristy things so we decided this would be a perfect opportunity to go.

Chihuly garden and glass museum with kids



And OH, this museum is gorgeous!  It seems a little on the pricey side if you’re going with kids (12 bucks for four and up!) but it’s nice that King Country residents get a big discount (15 dollars vs. 19 dollars) and when you tour around, there are these great photographers that take your picture for free and then you can get it emailed to yourself when you leave.   I have so few of the hubby and me lately, so it was nice that they snapped one of us together too.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.55.28 PM

The day we went I read that Dale Chihuly himself would be doing some kind of painting with the kids and I wasn’t really sure what that meant or what to expect.  But really, it was exactly that: he ended up actually painting with the kids.  As in the ACTUAL Dale Chihuly, teaching my guys how to paint.

Kids Painting with Dale Chihuly at the Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle

So this was definitely a memorable first Chihuly Garden and Glass experience, and I do really want to go back before this next year is up.  I’m also going to pay closer attention to those mailing list emails from now on too!

(PS. The membership here is fabulous even just for the museum gift shop discount.  There were so many amazing and local goods in that store.  I am totally wanting an umbrella because they have these seemingly black umbrellas with their insides painting like those blossomy iconic Chihuly blooms like the ones that hang in the Bellagio and I can’t imagine a rainy day being dreary with that type of umbrella.)

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