Stickers are a mom with a preschooler’s best friend (most of the time)

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I keep tons of stickers on hand.  They are great for adding extra pizzazz to crafts and they’re so handy when you travel as long as they don’t get stuck on windows or other things but I’m usually stuck in the middle of the duo so it’s easy to keep tabs.

Soccer stickers from Uwajimaya in Seattle
The hubby recently bought the duo their spendiest stickers at Uwajimaya.  7 bucks!

Expensive stickers
But they lasted for over an hour on our last flight so I can’t complain. (I also LOVE the stickers at Kinokuniya at Uwajimaya so I guess it’s okay if I buy those spendy stickers too now that the precedent is set.)

Stickers to entertain kids on an airplaneStickers to entertain kids on an airplane
When we wrap presents I’ve also been buying just blank wrapping paper and having the guys smother the present with stickers so we can talk about our special birthday friends and the guys get included in the wrapping process.  It also makes for a great activity on the day of the party when they are so excited and need something to calm down.

Wrapping presents with stickers
I like that they consider the type of stickers that their friend might like and I don’t get stuck with a whole roll of lightening McQueen wrapping paper.

And one more sticker use?  I use them on wooden forks and spoons when I send them their school lunch and my guys really like this little touch.

The only downside?  When I’ve left the two alone with stickers I’ve found early word practice.


And a few big messes.

Stickers all over with kids

But it’s all in good fun, right?  Any other great uses for stickers and preschoolers?

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