A coffee shop in Atlanta with Washington roots


May 27, 2013 by Terumi

A few weeks ago we were sitting in a lovely restaurant in Atlanta after a long red eye flight and the hubby thought his coffee tasted really good. He made a note of it just in case it was roasted in Atlanta and we had time to stop by.
Imagine our surprise when we found out the coffee company flagship for Batdorf and Bronson was located in Olympia Washington!  (And now I really want to go there and check it out. Along with the Children’s Museum that’s supposed to be amazing!)The last time we went to Olympia we only had time to stop at one place and we stopped at The Bread Peddler and that was pretty good.
In Atlanta we did end up finding Batdorf and Bronson coffee at Dancing Goats Coffee Bar at Ponce City. 

It had the cutest patio swings in it’s outdoor covered area.photo(911)


We sampled a hand pie and some Jeni’s Ice Cream with our coffee.  (I’m so glad they sell Jeni’s at Metropolitan Market in Seattle now, but it’s SUPER expensive!!!)


And the boys were entertained with the cornhole game.  I hope the Olympia flagship is just as cute!


  1. andrea says:

    You found some great but not so common places to eat in Atlanta, were you visiting someone? Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Terumi says:

    Hubby had a conference and I just like food and interesting things:)

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