Stroke the Living Wall (JJ Bean, Port Moody, British Columbia)


June 5, 2013 by Terumi


A long time ago in Vancouver, I used to spend a lot of time on weekends going to Japanese school, shopping and eating around the city.  Some mornings we’d stop in at Fujiya, a shop that’s still there selling Japanese pantry products and really yummy and inexpensive bentos and sushi.  While my mom and sister and I would troll the store for goodies, my dad would slip out and come back with the freshest, most delicious coffee you could imagine.  It came from a place called JJ Bean.

Now, I could lie and tell you that every time I go to JJ Bean I go there for the coffee.  It is definitely really good coffee.  But that’s not why I go.

They also a make a butter tart that is so delicious it might make you cry.


Just be warned, the Granville Island location does NOT sell pastries.

But the Port Moody one does.

It also has a living wall.  (An actual wall that has plants growing out of it.)





And I will not admit to touching it, but if you have even the slightest eco-conscious bone somewhere in you, get thee to JJ Bean and go ahead and stroke the living wall.  (And have a butter tart and coffee while you’re there too.)


If you have kids in tow, there is also a really fabulous park nearby.  Rocky Point park is such a fun place to spend an afternoon.  It has a huge boardwalk where you can stroll for miles.
The guys love the huge waterpark and playground.

Rocky Point Water Park in Port Moody


And I love the pier. On our last visit we saw a seal and a heron fighting for fish here.



Heron in Rocky Point Port Moody

And if you’re hungry for fish, there’s a Pajo‘s outlet in Port Moody too.

In another life, I might have lived here.  And sometimes I think that would have been really nice too.




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