Two family-friendly Seattle-ish restaurants

seattle restaurants with kids
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I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned Tacos Guaymas before: specifically the one in Fremont.  We used to go there all the time before the guys were born because they have really inexpensive and yummy tacos.  We could eat two tacos for under 5 dollars and they were stuffed to the brim and delicious.  The atmosphere is pretty casual and you order at the window and sit down.  (I always go for the Agua Fresca or Horchata too.  YUMMY!)

eating out with kids in seattle

The Guaymas kids’ meal is also one of my guys favorites and there’s enough food that they can practically share.  (I usually give them some of mine too so they get a few more veggies, etc.)  The year the guys turned two we ate here almost weekly but for some reason we’ve forgotten about it lately.

eating out with kids in seattle at taco guyamas in Fremont

Thankfully we stopped in a few days ago and the sweet people here remembered us, and I felt like it was a homecoming and I promise I won’t neglect it that long again again.

(PS. this one is only a few blocks from Theo Chocolates, so it’s absolutely wonderful when we make a stop early enough and get to hit up TWO lovely places in one visit.)

The second restaurant we found recently is a little farther away.  We stopped at Tablas Woodstone Tavernas a few weeks ago as a stop on the way on a trip up north to Canada.  (FYI Mill Creek is an awesome stop for kids. A little around the corner from here is Country Village which has a fabulous playground, kids’ stores and a TRAIN!   And I couldn’t leave the area without stopping at Frost Donuts, which are arguably some of the best in Washington)

seattle with kids eating out in Mill Creek

This one is tapas style and a little pricier/fancier than I usually do at lunch.

seattle with kids

The food was tasty enough and artfully presented.

eating out with kids in seattle

But I loved the little corner they put in for the kids.  With so many places thinking it’s okay to shun little people (if you exclude all kids thinking that you’ll be preventing horribly behaved kids do you really think the grown-ups they usually come with them behave any better when they are alone??) I love places that make kids feel a little welcome and special.  It’s what made me LOVE restaurants when I was a kid.

play area in restaurant near seattle

So we’ll be back.



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