National Doughnut (Donut!)Day!


June 7, 2013 by Terumi

where to find donuts in seattle

Oh, I love it when we have a great holiday and today’s definitely one we need to celebrate!  In the winter the guys and I tried to make doughnuts.  They were pretty enough and tasted fine, but if I’m going to eat a doughnut I like the old-fashioned fried ones, not something baked.

homemade donuts in the pan homemade donuts with blue icing

(PS. I used a recipe from a cute cookbook called Sprinklebakes)

And I totally love our local doughnuteries.  (Yes, spell check, I totally know that isn’t a word, but I like it so much better than doughnut establishment.  And, I think even the spelling for the word ‘doughnut’ is debatable now!)

We enjoyed these ones last weekend from Frost up in Mill Creek.

frost donuts near seattle

And we are so lucky to live near a Top Pot.  And though I’ve never tried Factory Donuts in Kingsgate near one of the guys’ hockey rinks it’s the kind of place I can tell might be good from the outside and I’m scared to try it because I know it will become addicting.

Today, I think we’ll head over to Dahlia Bakery.  I’ve heard few things can beat a bag of their hot doughnuts and that just sounds magical to me.

Where are you celebrating this holiday today?



  1. And now you have me fixating on doughnuts! 😉 Have never tried to make them at home though – and had no idea that they could be baked instead of fried. Are they healthier that way?

    • Terumi says:

      I think they might be because they don’t have all the extra oil from frying. They tasted more like a cake/bread.

  2. Lynette says:

    Nuuuhhh DONUTS!! (channeling Homer Simpson right now 😉 )

  3. H-dawg says:

    Fried – yes! Crispy. I’m impressed that you made donuts though. Wow.

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