King’s Wish at Teatro Zinzanni with Caspar Babypants


June 8, 2013 by Terumi

teatro zinzanni with kids in seattle

teatro zinzanni with kids review

Not so many years ago (remember, I’m less than 29 and holding), my teenage self would have freaked out if Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the United States of America even breathed air in the same room as I did.  But here he was in the lobby of Teatro Zinzanni handing out high fives to two year olds like they were his playground buddies (while their starstruck parents are tweeting pics “OMG Chris Ballew!!!! “Me and Chris, chilling with my kids” to all their friends.)

watching caspar babypants with kids in seattle

The Teatro Zinzanni venue is probably the coolest place for a concert and these kids are oh so lucky.  A big circus tent.  Flickering lights. Cushy booth seats and a VIP section for kids only right near the stage. And super-talented Zinzanni performers who can dance, climb ropes and fly.  It’s almost like a scene from Moulin Rouge minus the love story and with a zillion moshing pre-kinders thrown in.

teatro zinzanni with kids in seattle

The snacks are tasty and well-priced.  We had a couple popcorns for a dollar a bag and you can get two delicious fruit skewers for three dollars.  The cookies looked very tasty too, but we didn’t indulge in those today.  It’s nice to have good quality snacks for kids and this made me feel like the dinners at the grown-up Teatro Zinzanni might be thoughtfully made too.

teatro zinzanni with kids

The show is fabulous.  There are amazing circus acts and a bunch of great Babypants hits (that’s Chris Ballew’s alter-ego.  But you knew that already.).  There were a couple new songs thrown in (I swear I haven’t heard the song with the Kangaroo before and I LOVE all the fish!) And I am in love with Saffi and Max.  They are two fabulously talented kids who totally steal the show.  The guys saw Saffi last year at a Recess Monkey show and when I told them she was going to be here again they were totally excited to see her fly through the air in her hula hoop.  And though this was a kids’ show, it doesn’t feel like a kids show and I think grown-ups and kids both appreciated the wonder and magic of it all.

I brag all the time about how Seattle is so lucky to have a great music scene and this one is definitely a special show.  There are still tickets for the King’s Wish on Saturdays and Sundays in June and I think my kids now want to go to circus school which is almost ALL SOLD OUT this year!

(PS. I received two tickets to this show but was not required to review and all opinions here are my own.

PPS you can’t take pictures during the show but Chris and the Bear mascot and other performers from the show came out at the end for pictures in the lobby.)

teatro zinzanni with kids in seattle



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