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June 8, 2013 by Terumi

Oh Father’s Day.  What’s a girl to buy?  I thought I’d buy the hubby some swimshorts for father’s day and this turtle pattern caught my eye. (and the name Moorea-it’s on my dream travel list because of those Costco fliers with little huts perched over water.  Does anyone else buy things just for the name?)

And then I found it cost $230!!!  Sorry hubs.  If you want turtle print shorts (which I’m not sure you do, even though I liked them) I will try to stencil turtles on some from Old Navy.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.05.51 PM

Likewise for this glamping trip I’ve always dreamed about up north in British Columbia, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.  I looked into it today, thinking oh, maybe the husband would try glamping instead of camping for our annual “let’s be one with nature” camping trip.  But at nearly 5000 dollars for three nights for each adult and nearly 2500 dollars per kid for the not quite luxury-the compostable toilet, not flushing toilet- option, I think we could actually buy a motorhome with a flushing toilet that we could drive somewhere, pretend to camp and then resell.  So real camping it is.

And then he sends me this today.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 8.52.50 PM

A throne.  The man wants a throne. A 30 thousand dollar throne made out of swords. (We He just started the series and if the man really wants to see this throne in real life, I’m going to just take him to the Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic at the EMP.  I was 5 seconds into the first episode when my danger-dar went off and I knew this would be a blood and guts everywhere show.  And sure enough, I can’t even imagine how horrible it was.  Eyes were closed.  Mouth was open screaming.  Blech.)

So, dear hubby, while your abs doppelganger might be wearing fancy shorts and heading to some fancy glamping resort, for Father’s Day I’m giving you “NO COMPLAINING” from me on our annual camping trip.

It’s a one of a kind gift and utterly priceless and it’s good for the environment too.  (Your welcome!)


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