Fantastic Hotel for families in Cancun (Fiesta American Grand Coral Resort)

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June 12, 2013 by Terumi


I am not a pool person.  I would rather sit on the beach under an umbrella for hours with a book and have the liberty of dabbling my feet from sand to water and back to sand, drinks and sloth.  But this beautiful hotel made this the exception (oh and kids.  Kids make everything an exception.  But we all knew that already.)  Did we see anything in Cancun while we stayed here, even though EVERYTHING was a short walk away?  No.  We stayed in the pool.  All day long.


It was that gorgeous.



And that much fun.  The water was warm and inviting and not salty but not chlorine-y either.



When we tired of pool.  We ate and went to the beach.



And I’d heard about booking on the “club” floor here at the Fiesta Americana before we visited and I wasn’t sure what it added so I tried it to see what it was.  Adding the ‘club’ added such incredible value.  It meant you stayed on a certain floor, and you had access to a lounge on the top floor of the hotel with free hors d’oeuvres and drinks.  If we didn’t have kids in tow, we probably wouldn’t have had to eat anything else-the food was fancy and exquisite with little tastes of things like ahi tartar and fancy meats-but with kids in tow it was really nice to be able to pop in for a snack anytime we wanted.  The boys loved the desserts and they loved the breakfasts and it was nice to have a drink (for free!) and watch the beautiful scene below.  The panoramic view from this floor was spectacular!


There was something in the lounge all day with three specific presentation times.  Everything had to be eaten in the club lounge but it was like being in your own giant fancy living room.  The guys made themselves at home and it made the trip so relaxing.



When we tired of living in luxury, we headed back to the pool, where being in a club room meant we always had plush seating and cold water.  We didn’t have to worry about not having a chair near the pool.


The guys liked the swim up bar and they were so proud to swim across the pool and order drinks. (We are definitely in need of a new waterproof camera.  So sad this got so blurry!)


And one night we just ordered room service and enjoyed our room.

photo(1002) photo(1001) Great hotel for families in cancun

It was one of the most perfect hotels I’ve ever visited.  On rainy Seattle days, I really wish we could just conjure ourselves there and if we ever decide to do our Isla Mujeres trip again, I noticed that there is a ferry dock right in front of this hotel so it would be an easy trip.


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