Marshmallow Revelation for your Monday

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After millions of hours of research, I finally figured out how to melt both chocolate and marshmallow at the same time for our camping s’mores.  (I’ve had way too many s’mores with hard chocolate or burnt graham cracker from our experiments!)

Easiest way to toast a marshmallow and melt chocolate at the same time

I used a ginormous campfire marshmallow and cut it in half.  These are not your regular marshmallows-this one is bigger than mini and regular-it is actually ginormous.

Making s'mores with both chocolate and marshmallow melted

Then I stuck a piece of chocolate between the tongs of a roaster, and sandwiched the two marshmallow halves around it.  I don’t know why I never thought of this one before.  (and maybe you have, but this is new to me….)  Because the marshmallow is sticky it was easy to make sure the two halves totally stuck.  It’s so tempting to just eat this now, but it’s oh so worth it to roast it and wait.


See how the sticky marshmallow keeps the chocolate in?  You still have to roast carefully-no one wants to sacrifice this treat at this point.

How to roast both a marshmallow and chocolate

Then we sandwiched the whole delight between graham crackers.


Except for the Bean who eats his marshmallow in the palm of his hand.

Camping with kids in the northwest

I can’t wait to get out and re-try this recipe.  Now I totally need to find a shampoo that washes campfire smell out of hair. (And fingers crossed, I’m totally hoping this MOR marshmallow handsoap goes on sale at Nordstrom’s anniversary sale in a few weeks!)

(PS. do homemade marshmallows roast like store bought ones?  I definitely need to try this experiment next!)



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