Toilet Fountain (Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington)


June 17, 2013 by Terumi

We go to Seattle Center so often, it’s hard to believe there isn’t anything we haven’t already found or explored.

Until we found ‘toilet fountain’ when we went to the Science Festival.

It’s a fountain that really just seems to flush like a toilet.  The water even starts up and stops again.

It’s mesmerizing.

And we watched for a good while.

What can I say?  Boys love toilets, I guess.  And it’s amazing it’s been there all along.

(PS. I wonder if this one actually has a name?  I wandered around it and found nothing…..such a mystery and oh so cool.)

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  1. […] might remember the toilet fountain we found a couple visits ago.  We didn’t visit this one this time.  But we did stop by the […]

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