Seattle Summer Day 1: Library Reading log

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This is not a bucket list (we have our list of 5 things we want to do here and I just signed up for some kind of bucket list challenge) but there are 78 or so days left of summer and I intend to fully savor them.  Today we helped keep libraries from extinction by heading to our local library to check out some summer reads.


I love summer reading logs and my guys were really excited to get theirs.  This is the first year that they’ve actually been able to fill them out themselves.  I will probably need to translate in the margins, but it’s so cute that they are striving for independence.


Today’s book choices included this one called Puffin Peter.  It’s actually a great book if you have twins, especially identical twins because one puffin is looking for a friend who gets lost who looks exactly like himself.  We’ve already read it a few times and I’m in love with puffins so I totally don’t mind.

The guys also picked up Construction Kitties.  I found this one a little weird.  But the guys liked it too so it obviously speaks to its audience.

And we picked up a paper airplane book because of course the duo is OBSESSED about airplanes.

Me, I’m reading a not-library book: the Devil wears Prada again or what have you. (I always forget to return them so it makes more sense for me to buy it. And I’ll let you know if I finish it.)

Any Seattle-ites also doing a reading log this year, or do you take the summers off? Our library was hopping today, so I know there are definitely a lot of pages turning in our neighborhood.


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