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June 19, 2013 by Terumi

I’m still washing the campfire out of my hair, but we had a really fun weekend for the hubby’s father’s day-we camped at a really nice campground in Sequim Bay I heard was decent from Parent Map’s 5 Great Campground List and we were able to book it just days before the weekend.  There was a little road noise, and the sites were a little close together but it was easy car-camping with kids and the bathrooms were clean.






But the coolest thing about where we camped was that after passing drive-thru coffee stand upon drive-thru coffee stand from our campsite in Sequim Bay, we made our way to a really strange place known for another kind of drive-thru.  It was the Olympic Game Farm and it’s pretty much a zoo that you can drive-thru.




Now usually I find an animal place I love and make us go there.  Like the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, or the Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita or the Gecko Restaurant on the Big Island.

But this one started out innocently when I planned a camping trip for the hubby for father’s day around a purchase that I’d made.  I bought a boat.


So I needed water.  Hence the campsite on calm Sequim Bay.  And the boat was probably the best idea ever.


(ignore the hiking boots.  Those are only worn when I morph into gross adventure woman.)

But a place where you can drive-thru and feed llamas and bison and bears?  How does this place exist in the middle of an area I thought was known for lavender fields?


Apparently Disney used this a long time ago for some forest themed movies.  I’m not sure how it evolved into a game farm.  There was a tour, but it was quite busy and we wanted to catch our ferry and go home.  I think that the tour might have explained a lot of things.


And I’m not sure what to think about feeding them all this bread (maybe that might have been explained on the tour too) and I’ll research more about what animal rescue people think.  But the animals in the big pastures looked happy running around and there were efforts made to educate people about animal care with signs with facts about animals.

The boys thought it was just wild.

And I have to admit it was pretty incredible.

It’s the closest I’ll ever want to be to a bear.


Or a hungry elk.


Or this silly guy I’ll forever remember as Breadface.


And it’s just one more reason you might camp in Sequim.



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