A menu item that harkens Geography 101 (Vancouver, BC)


June 24, 2013 by Terumi

A long time ago in Vancouver BC my heart was set on becoming a geographer. Never mind that I have no internal compass or that I constantly got lost in those Medieval Pre-GPS times. I liked the idea of knowing about weather and how things like earthquakes and volcanoes were actually caused.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 7.25.11 AM

And then one day my geography T.A. took us on a field trip to study different layers of soil on campus.  He stopped to point out some unusual dirt.  Then he tasted it and offered us some.
Eat dirt?

No way.
And with that I decided this geography stuff was too weird for me.
Little did I know that my old mentor was offering me something for free that people actually PAY for in Vancouver now.
You see, sometime in my near future I’m going to have a date night  in Vancouver.
And as I’m narrowing down the contenders for DATE NIGHT RESTAURANT, I’m reading menu upon menu.
On Wildebeest’s menu I found this.

No way.
To think I passed up my chance for a free meal so many years ago.

Should we try it?  And If you had a date night in Vancouver, where would you go?

(PS. my guys have the volcano shirt by Little Lark pictured above and I think it’s absolutely adorable!)

(PPS-the rock picture is for something that is actually edible and it’s a little project I’m working on.  Stay tuned. )


  1. majl says:

    I don’t know that I would order the pig face and octopus terrine either!

  2. […] And we’re oh so thankful for a lovely night out in Vancouver we had recently at a sweet restaurant called Boneta in Gastown.  Our meal (and apple tart dessert!) was lovely and it was so nice to have a night on the town.  (And I’m so glad there wasn’t any dirt on the menu here.  Maybe we’ll be brave enough for Wildebeest next time!) […]

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