We heart summer in the Northwest and my favorite photo apps


July 3, 2013 by Terumi

Oh, how lovely it is to live in Seattle in the summer!  We’ve definitely been enjoying our fantastic weather.  It’s definitely our favorite time of year and I can’t let it go without capturing a photo and savouring all the moments.

We love the Pacific Northwest for:

Sleeping outside photo

Off-reading and adventuring photo Roasting food on the fire photo Parading around town photo

Hanging with friends photo

Just hanging out photo  photo(1109) photo(1108)


(PS. I’ve been playing with a phone app called Word Swag to put words on my pictures and it’s pretty easy to use.  I think I paid 1.99 for this app and then had to pay a little bit more because there were some fonts I liked that weren’t included.  It’s one of my favorite photo-editing apps now.  I also really like Overgram.

I used to and still use one called Piction but it doesn’t have as many options and I also like one called Be Funky for photo-editing.)



  1. Ooooo… I will have to get WordSwag soon! I downloaded Overgram but don’t really like it because you have to keep purchasing sets of icons etc. Thanks for the recommendations friend!

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