Excited for Metropolitan Market’s Annual Housewares Sale

  • Terumi
  • July 10, 2013
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We are lucky enough to have a Metroplitan Market in our neighborhood.
My guys love their little carts.

And the cheese samples.  They are in love with the cheese samples.
Because of the friendly cheese lady and all the samples they’ve tried, they’ve learned that they definitely prefer Brie to Blue. (And they promptly add expensive little Brie rounds to their carts.)  They also dream about eating whole chunks of salty Grana Padana or Pecorina Romana one day instead of just shredding little bits on their noodles.  My guys adore all things cheese.

I usually go to Metropolitan Market because I like that they focus on sweet local food items and neat specialty foods (like the jeni’s ice cream macarons we bought recently) and when I shop without my guys I could spend HOURS in their tastefully-curated housewares section.

Do you know how many amazing things they have at Metropolitan Market for throwing parties and decorating?  They have everything from dishes, house gadgets and cookie cutters to cookbooks, placemats and paper decorations. (Like the birch straws that were sold out online everywhere that I randomly found here while checking out.)
And would you believe a lot of these items will go on sale at least 20% between July 18-21 during their annual housewares sale?  Some will even be 75% off.

I have my eye on these cute Fishs Eddy plates.  (This is one of my favorite lifestyle brands right now!)

I am also tempted to buy this retro cool Toast Tite. It is definitely gimmicky (I noticed it was showcased next to Star Wars light saber Popsicles and above the Zoku makers) but it also looks like so much fun!

And the practical buyer in me knows I need more storage containers.  These glass ones have whimsical patterns and are the perfect size for lunches so I hope they go on sale too!


What housewares are you shopping for?  Maybe you’ll find it on sale at Metropolitan Market next week!
(Ps this post is my entry to Metropolitan Market’s local blogging contest but the ideas expressed here are my own. If you are a Seattle-area blogger and want to enter too-here is where you can find the info! Happy shopping!)

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