A nice place to bike with kids for lunch (Maggie Bluffs, Seattle)

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Since learning how to bike ride (thank you Pedalheads!) the guys have been wanting to ride everywhere so we’ve been looking for good places to bike with kids in Seattle.  And for me, this also means we need to find yummy places that can be biking destinations.


The other day we parked on a little road just behind where the Time 4 Pho/Josefina’s Mexican Grill complex is in Magnolia and set out on a biking trail towards Maggie Bluffs. The hubby figured this would make our ride about a mile each way and it’s not on the main trail that people ride towards Myrtle Edwards Park so it’s not really that busy.  The ride was mostly car-free with no really dangerous sections except for a little raised curb, a few obstacles (pillars and signs) and an area near the restaurant where you just have to watch the drop on the beach side.


If you ask me, I didn’t panic too much.  If you ask the hubby he might tell you about the screams, the white-knuckles that he had to peel off the handlebars at the end of the ride and the cursing he heard from behind the whole way.  But we all had fun in our way during the trip and the ride took about 15-20 minutes each way.  Of course the restaurant was the beacon of hope that kept me going throughout the ride.

photo-40 photo-39
The meal hit the spot because of the exercise and the restaurant’s beachy ambiance.  I think this patio is one of the best in Seattle but the food here is a little bit more burger and fries than I usually crave so we don’t always think about going here.  I do really like the soup and sandwich lunch special and thedrinks and yam fries always hit the spot too.  The kid’s meals are quite a deal at 5.99 with a drink, an entree and an ice cream sandwich.

I didn’t want to jinx the ride during our trip, but at the end, after we arrived back to our car injury-free, I felt like this was a very successful first family ride, so we will definitely be re-doing this one this summer.


(PS. I also noticed that there are kayak rentals now at the Maggie Bluffs pier so I’m even more excited for another visit!)

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