Five Years’ Eve

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Poem to baby twins on the eve for turning five

Oh little babies,

How can you be this many so fast?
One. Two. Three. Four. FIVE!!???

Five years old
Just a handful.

Five years old

But oh, what a handful
and I’m grasping onto each of your precious years.
Wanting second helpings.

poem to my five year old twins
Trying to hold on tighter
While you need to run and skip away to grow.
poem to my five year old twins  poem to my five year old twins
With nearly five years on the palm of your hand.
You can help out.  You want to help out.

But the concept is just beyond your grasp
With fistfuls of dirt, sunlight and sugar
You’re tugging at things and poking things you shouldn’t.


Holding on to me when I least expect.
And letting go when I need just a little more time.

Grabbing at me. How many days?  Am I older yet?
Not knowing how precious I find these seconds.
How terrifyingly wonderful you make all the seconds I have left.

Poem to my five year old twins
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Just a handful of my many years
But the only ones that seem to count.

Poem to my five year old twins
The five I’ll hold most dear.
and the five most fleeting in your mind.
I know the next five will catch me.
With no more fingers left to count.

Way before I’m ready.

Poem to my five year old twins
Oh dear babies-
How many years until your sweet little hands
Outgrow mine?
Five? Four? Three? Two? One?


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