Happy Monday things on a Tuesday when things go by in a blur

  • Terumi
  • July 30, 2013
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Is it Tuesday already?  Where did Monday go?  This is one of the weeks where everything seems to just blur together and whirl by.

Usually Monday I post about things I’ve bought.  I’ll get to that.  But, the other night my lovely double momma friends and I tried out a sweet new place in Woodinville called the Commons and I can’t help swoon about it a little bit.  We were in a dessert-y snacky mood so this is what we ordered.

photo 2

I love the little touches like the almonds and candied carrots on the carrot cake and the chocolate sprinkles on the chocolate cake plate. The food was all really yummy and we’re so lucky our friend Jamie is in the know and finds us cool places like this one!  (And this restaurant is by the same people behind Purple, Barrio, etc., so I’m hoping that they make a few and even put one in MY neighborhood please!!!)

photo 3

Can you guess which dish I ordered?

photo 4

And by the way, if you know me well or have seen older pictures you’ll know that my new haircut is a drastic hair chop from my regular length and I really liked it until I showed my guys.  I was like, “What do you think of mommy’s hair?” and they go “You look like Rosales.”  As in number 10 from the Seattle Sounders Mauro Rosales.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.37.20 AM

And though I really do adore Mauro I wasn’t intending on being his twin.  So right now I’m in hair grow out mode.

And because I’ve been running and it’s been hard to keep these short locks out of my face, I’m pretty happy with some hairbands I bought lately from a company called SweatybandsScreen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.41.27 AM

They do actually stay put (unlike another cute hairband I bought from Birchbox that sadly fell into the toilet. RIP.) and I think I might even get a few more.  So now that my hair problem is taken care of I still need something to block the sun from my eyes and I was looking for a pair of running sunglasses or a good running hat.  I’ve liked a lot of the products I’ve bought from a local company called Oiselle, so I think this one might be the one I get.

Great running hat if your week is running by in a blur

I also have to give a big thanks to my friends at Thrifty Northwest Mom who have helped me save a lot of money since they stopped by my house for a visit.  They have a coupon class coming up on August 13th that I’m totally tempted to head to Puyallup to take it.  When I met with them a little while ago, they taught me to use Savings.com among other sites and somehow I was able to get a pair of awesome Birkenstocks for under 40 bucks.  With all this running I’ve been thankful for these comfy shoes and I’m so glad I didn’t have to spend a fortune so I think they could be very helpful to a lot of people.  I also really like when Jen and Sia share Amazon deals or how to save at Target on ThriftyNorthwest Mom.  I think last week they showed you how to walk away with Windex for like 50 cents which I think would just be amazingly fun at the cash register.

Anyways, I hope if your Monday flew by in a blur like mine, your workweek feels short too!  I’m savoring the last drops of July and there’s a little bit of me that might just like to see a rainshower or two when this month ends.  Happy Tuesday!



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