Photo Friday: some of the best days are spent at home

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It’s been a brilliant summer.  But, sometimes, all you need on a Friday night is a chilly fall breeze to blow some rain into August so you can curl up in a warm blanket and look up if Clint Dempsey and Patrick Dempsey are somewhat related.

Happy Friday coffee photo

But your new blanket has been usurped by some little guys who have declared it the softest blanket in the house and have whisked it off to their bunkbeds.

When travelers spend time at home with kids

So you find yourself re-checking the Nordstrom Sale to see if you need another and then somehow you wander to Sephora because it’s all just a click away and you end up with lip tar in your cart because you’ve never heard of lip tar and it sounds intriguing.  (You also end up with some travel eyeliner pencils because you never know when you might jet off somewhere and what traveler can resist a product with ‘travel’ in the title?)

And the lip tar reminds you of the awful painting you’re working on in art class that you somehow have to salvage next week.

Painting class

But that’s still so far away.  And there’s ice cream in the freezer.

And even though you might have had ice cream for breakfast and it’s absolutely freezing outside, you have the heat on in the house in the dead-middle of the summer so you have to make good use of it.

You make rootbeer floats and you watch your kids’ eyes light up in glee as the foamy rootbeer bubbles up over the glass and all over the table.

Making root beer floats with kids

And it’s Friday.  A magical, perfectly delightful Friday with family at home.

(PS. I get my favorite travel photos framed by a company called snapbox that I totally love and I’ve finally hung them over my living room couch, but every day the guys jump up and make them crooked.  And here they’ve done it again!)

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