Misty Beach Day in Seattle: Carkeek Park

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A couple weeks ago we had one of those misty, foggy, soupy days that we get sometimes in Seattle; the type that is just cool enough that it’s perfect for a day hanging out at the beach as long as you don’t want to swim.

Carkeek park in Seattle with kids

We weren’t intending to stop at Carkeek Park, but it was near the emergency dentist and one boy had bashed the other’s tooth out with our Ride the Duck’s Souvenir.  Thankfully the tooth was meant to come out and the day was meant for enjoying McDonald’s (yes, McDonalds.  We eat their egg-white Egg McMuffins and they are yummy) at a beach we hadn’t been to in a while.


There was an outdoor adventure group that also thought this was a great stop.  The fields were lined with tents and it made me think it would be oh so fun if they opened this place up for camping just for a couple nights a year.


And we were lucky enough to see a train fly past.  This is the highlight of this park.  All it takes is a little bit of rumbling and the kids fly to the bluff to watch trains chug by.


The playground is cute and so northwest.  Kids literally slide through the mouth of a salmon and there are lots of fun things to swing on and climb.


The biggest thrill you can climb is not part of the playground.  It’s the bridge to the beach and it is so rickety it never fails to make me catch my breath.  We’ve never been on it when a train’s passed underneath but I can imagine it would be an incredible adrenaline rush.  Of course the boys think it would be “the best thing EVER!!!!”








We were having so much fun I wish we brought beach toys, snacks, sandals and a blanket, but that would have been too planned.  Instead we had a leftover Mcmuffin picnic in my purse, some sand in our shoes and the promise of a tooth fairy visit.  (Leelee has now lost THREE teeth!!!  I’m getting scared I’m going to have to puree all his food again.)  So I’m glad that we ended up here and I know this will be the type of place the kids remember fondly when they’re older and I love that a day that started out absolutely terribly ended up so perfectly beautiful.



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