Melancholy Monday


August 19, 2013 by Terumi

Sometimes you get a message like this one.

And it makes you pack up and go right away.  Because you can.  And it’s been a rough week.  And the wondering about if you didn’t makes you think about other what ifs and soon you can’t think about anything else. What if you couldn’t?  What if you didn’t?  And what if something tragic happened and you spend  the rest of your life wishing that you had.  So you drop everything and go.

Sometimes it takes a horrible reminder to make your realize how impermanent things are.  In a sad little town today people we love are facing the unbearable as they say goodbye to a young man who they love dearly who they lost in a heartbreaking accident.  One that came with no warning.  No signs.  No explanation.  These people are brave, resilient and strong and I’m so proud to know them and call them family and I wish I could make all the sad go away.

Our family has faced a lot of sad things lately and my sis reminds me that the brilliantly wonderful days are the times to remember when things get rough.

So we spent a sunny day in Steveston.


A simple day with family.


A trip to a farm.


And a bike ride.





A short visit full of hugging. Eating. Chatting. Unplugging.


And as we drove home I couldn’t imagine a better reminder than the one that popped in front of our car.


Life is good.  And yet it sometimes it isn’t.  All you can do is live it, do the best you can for the people you love and hold those sweet memories dear in your heart.


  1. andrea says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Your words are so true.

  2. […] come in threes and I would love that kind of horrible omen to just disappear.  I’ve been trying to will something magically wonderful to happen and yesterday’s lovely thing came all on its […]

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