it’s Monday, it’s Monday!

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Okay Monday, let’s do this.


It’s like the universe knows I need a little oomph.  I came across a journal a sweet friend bought me a little while ago and I’ve actually been writing in it.  (Did you hear that S?  I totally LOVE this journal.)

And even my weekend beverage game me a little kudos.


And I’ll need it because the boys are finally starting school today.  TODAY!!!!!  And even though I initially thought it was last week and got a little bummed about it, I actually am totally going to miss my guys today.


With all the extra time we had last week, I thought we’d do some pre-first day of school photos to be super-ready, but the boys would have none of it.  If I actually manage to get real ones, I’ll make sure you see those, but this might be all I have for 2013.


And speaking of seeing, I have something I need to admit.  I’ve been stressing for the past few weeks that my eyes were getting worse and I didn’t want to say anything because my glasses are already ridiculously thick.  But this weekend I changed my contacts and I miraculously can see again.  It turns out I’ve been wearing my hubby’s contacts for who knows how long.  I guess sometimes all you need is a change of perspective, right?

So today, I’m shopping some new stores D. Ra clothing (thanks to my sis spotting something in Lucky Mag) and ASOS, looking for some new things at West Elm Furniture (Some lovely ladies from the Seattle West Elm store stopped in to help me out with my living room last week) and debating if I dare take my post-half-marathon toenail-less toes to get a pedicure….
I hope you are having a wonderful Monday too!  (And are you buying anything fabulous today?)

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