Getting ready for the Holidays


October 3, 2013 by Terumi

How do I know these guys are going to go crazy at Hallowe’en this year?   We went to a party where they crashed a pinata FULL of candy and were given bags to fill to bring home.  And this is what they’ve done:


This is accounting at its best for the preschool set and if they could read and write I know they would tally what they have in each category of candy and what they’ve eaten-I may attempt this basic math with them, because I think this is an AWESOME motivator.  I even snuck a pack of m and m’s and noticed that the guys looked at their stash a little more carefully after I did that, so I closed the gap when they weren’t looking and gave myself a pat on the back.

Little did I notice they were also getting ready for another holiday.  Someone has also cut out ALL these coupons.


And I seem to remember who was looking over the toy catalog half-way through cutting up some tofu.  ( M if you’re reading this, I bought those AWESOME kid knives you suggested!  But we haven’t graduated from tofu yet.  I don’t think I could handle the blood and gore)


Oh kids are smart. I’m totally going to start leaving hints out of my own:

hedgehog pencil holder

anthropologie backstory tee

ring at Tiffanys

And if anyone has any ideas how to make airplane costumes please let me know.   Apparently the Planes movie was quite impressionable.


  1. Lian says:

    Love your blog! Miss you guys! Your kids are adorable. We just moved closer to Janis. Come visit us both! We’ll go geo-caching, exploring and eating. Fun stuff! Xo! Lian

  2. Michelle says:

    Awesome! Linc wanted to be a bowling ball…they do not make bowling ball costumes. But then he decided that he would rather be Luke Skywalker. PHEW! Good luck with the plane thing 😉

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