When Tuesday feels like Monday and tomorrow will too

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I know yesterday was Monday but today feels like one too and I’m totally scared that tomorrow will and maybe the whole week will fill up with Mondays but I guess some weeks (and months) are like that.  The weather here in Seattle has turned into a soupy mess and I’m chilly and craving hot chocolate and scarves that I can wrap around my head multiple times.

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And I guess it’s not just the weather- I lost yet another family member this weekend and it’s making me feel like we’re in some kind of awful sitcom where people keep disappearing and it’s getting so gloomy just watching it that you want to turn it off.  I really adored and looked up to this lovely aunt of mine and I’ll forever look up to my uncle (her husband) for how much love someone can have for someone else.  What else can we do in life but love one another and live the best we can?

So I’ve been a bit sappy.  I made my twin momma friends some little thank yous for the five years we’ve been together for our weekend get together.  I’m so glad and thankful for these beautiful women and all the help and support we’ve given each other over the years.


I watched this Brene Brown Ted Talk my sister told me to watch about living a vulnerable life and I bought her book Daring Greatly, hoping that it’s just as inspiring.  (I’ll let you know when I finish it.)

I’m putting my guys Artkive books together to celebrate the art they made last year and it’s amazing how therapeutically happy it is to look at little kids’ art.

And of course I’ve been shopping for myself.  I love this print I found on Dominomag (I’m so glad this magazine is back!  I can’t wait for my October copy!!)

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and maybe it will be my reward for cleaning up the awful mess of a craft room/office we have right now.  I know I said I’d fix it up last month, but it has exploded into even more of a disaster.

We’ve been grocery shopping almost daily.  At least it’s cheese month over at our local Met Market so the guys have been absolutely loving sampling and shopping.  Someone even told us that the deli gives out cookies if you ask….


I checked out Swopboard, a selling site that helps you give back to your neighborhood schools and I’m looking for things to purge and sell.  I love when my shopping can give back-it feels like I’m doing something worthwhile.

And a dear and creative friend is doing something brave for women.  She’s created some lovely underwear and wants to get rid of the stigma of women’s pee problems that happen with babies and getting older and all that stuff.  So Modibodi is definitely a site we all should check out because it’s beautiful underwear but it’s functional too.

Oh and please remind me that I need to give blood before November.  It’s been on my bucket list for the last few years and I’m so terrified.  But with all the vampire talk October brings, I can’t imagine a better time.

So hopefully in your week your Tuesday is a real Tuesday and your Wednesday is a real Wednesday.  And after I get a bit of cuddle time with my sweet dog nephew who just celebrate his first birthday this weekend


I think the Mondays here will disappear and  I’ll be joining you in real time again.

(Needless to say, tell someone you love them today and I’ll do the same. xoxo)

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