What to do with all them apples ( The Farm at Swan’s Trail, Snohomish, WA)

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I had total green apple envy after seeing my instagram feed flooded with apple picking photos all last week so Friday morning my mom, my guys and I bundled up for a rushed trip to the farm.  We only had an hour and a half (barely) to spend at a farm before school when we accounted the 2 hours it takes to get there and back but we were determined that this would be the morning activity. (Even when we saw a few rainclouds daring to deter our sweet plans!)
We chose to go to the Farm at Swan’s Trail.  When we were about ten minutes away we also saw farms like Thomas Family Farm and Stocker Family Farms (where I totally want to go back on a weekend and rent a firepit!!) which might have let us have an extra 20 minutes to spend playing but we had our hearts set on seeing some pig races too and so off to the Swan’s Trail farm we went.


I think everyone else in Seattle also had the same idea we had that morning.  We arrived at opening (10am!) and the parking lot was nearly full and everything was already buzzing and crowded.  We were here for apples so we stopped in at the apple barn and got ourselves some bags.


The apples were truly gorgeous!


And it was so fun picking them while tractor-rides full of people went by.







And after we picked we also checked out the pigs.


And jumped in the haybarn.  I wish we had more time to see the other activities (like the apple cider donuts!!) but we had done this type of thing at a neat farm in Canada with grandma last year and we didn’t have time for lineups.  We decided we’d start our journey home a little early and see what other neat things we might find.




We stopped in at the Thomas farm to pick up some fresh-picked corn and kettlecorn.  It was really empty so the guys had fun trying out their banana-golf and water-pump duck races.



After school we used our apples to make a pie.   (I’m totally thankful for a class I took at A la mode in Seattle!  My family raves about my recently-acquired ability to make pie so I feel like I’ve learned a life-long skill and I totally recommend this class.)

My mom brought me her dehydrator and the kids love making apple chips.


And the core makes such a beautiful star shape that I’ve been bringing out big construction paper pieces so the guys can stamp them (I use acrylic paint) with blended colors so we can have home-made wrapping paper for gifts.




It was a little tight making the trek before school but it was oh so worth it.  The pacific northwest is so gorgeous in the fall and there is nothing like a cool crisp morning at an apple farm and warm apple pie at night.

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