Five things on a Monday to make the day better

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October 21, 2013 by Terumi

I’m still pinching myself to make sure Domino magazine is actually back but it is and I have a copy in my hands.  I love the instantly shop-able pages and it’s the loveliest read to peruse on a foggy Seattle Monday like this.  (One of my sweet purchases even arrived today!  Seriously, why aren’t more magazines like this?)


hot wheels maker

This Monday I’m totally wanting a Hot wheels maker. For my kids of course.  It’s like the best combination of craft and classic car toy and I have to carefully figure out how I’m going to pitch this idea to my guys to help nudge it onto their Christmas list because it so better be on it. (PLEASE!!! Because right now they are obsessed with the Octonauts.)

toucan rescue ranch with sloth

If you’re in a generous spirit and would love to help a sloth find a new home please donate to my friends at the Toucan Rescue Ranch.  We visited them last year and I love that they have now released 8 sloths back into the wild and I have never met anyone so passionate about animals as Jorge and Leslie.  We sent a little donation the other night and I would love to hear if anyone else helps out too!

ivars happy hour seattle
Closer to home there is another easy way to help sweet animals.  Ivar’s is giving proceeds from its sales on October 29th to one of my favorite Seattle places, the Seattle Aquarium.  We actually just ate a one Ivar’s restaurant the other night, the gorgeous Salmon House on the water and it has such an amazing happy hour.  We didn’t know it was happy hour but apparently in the bar side, there is happy hour from 3pm-close (even on a Friday and there is even an all-ages area where we found a great table with our guys) so after an evening of flying kites at nearby Gasworks park this was a perfect meal.  And now we may just have to go back next week too!

gas works park kites

kites at gasworks

And I’m in love with this new desk I bought from West Elm.  It’s shimmery and silver and it’s the perfect place to think about working.  So, happy Monday.  I’m about to get productive.  (Yeah, right.)




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