Muscle Memory Monday

Sumo costume for kids
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If anyone has some kind of idea on how to get your exercise groove back in the winter months please pipe in quickly and save me because I have somehow figured out a zillion excuses not to put my running shoes back on since I finished my half marathon in August.  It’s like my body remembers how much torture I felt after the run and that memory make it NEVER wants to make that feeling happen again.  If anything I’ve been pulling up random Jillian Michaels videos again on Amazon and as much as I love her dearly, I’m starting to talk back to my computer and I think it’s a little unhealthy.

As usual, I’m procrastinating this afternoon, so I’m going through my fall pictures while I shop.

We had some lovely fog last week.

fog at Ella Bailey Park with kids in seattle

And we tried on our costumes.  The sumo one that Leelee chose was vetoed because the guys thought it was inappropriate.  (Thank goodness!)

Kids sumo and plane costume

The zoo has an adorable backdrop for pictures so we tried out our costumes (yes, we substituted pilot for sumo here.)

planes dusty costume and pilot

I am still working on Octonaut costumes for the big day.  I didn’t work on them last night because it was the LAST Sounders game of the season.  This is the crazy that we’re still dealing with over here:

little sounders fans

And trying to rake up leaves.


We also worked on pumpkins.

pumpkin carving

And convinced the guys this was the only pumpkin patch we needed to go to:

trader joe's pumpkins

Oh and just in case you’re ever curious if a smashed finger is serious, this is a good website to help with that decision.  (But of course use your common sense and default to 911 if you can’t figure out if it is an emergency or not as I am not a doctor and goodness knows I hate all things blood and guts.)

Happy Monday.

(PS. I’m shopping Ruche, Mooreaseal Nordstrom and Lululemon today.  I’m also looking for dresses for Christmas that I’m going to buy one size too small so I freak out and actually run.  There’s nothing like messing with your own mind….)


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