What are you doing with all that Halloween candy?

What to do with Halloween Candy
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Okay.  This is going down right now in my living room and probably yours too.  The boys have a TON of Halloween candy and they are sorting it into categories.  I’ve heard that Birthday Dreams in Seattle would love some candy donations (I picked up some extra bags when I was grocery shopping to send their way.)  I’ve also seen a great round-up of candy buy-backs on Parentmap and Red Tricycle if you’re into that kind of thing (yes, please!).  And I am probably going to make the candy pizza recipe from this candy leftover roundup on Spoonful.  I’m also excited to use the hard candy to make lollypops from my Sprinkle Bakes cookbook.

halloween candy sorting in seattle

By the way, we were Octonauts this year.  It’s still a relatively new show and the guys wanted to be Tunip the Vegemal and Peso Penguin.  The hubby and I donned hats and minor accessories to help back them up.  We had a fun night haunting the neighborhood and I love that the guys were so excited about Halloween this year.

kwazi and peso easy homemade octonaut costumes


dashi and tunip homemade easy octonaut costumes

Our scariest moment of the evening had nothing to do with Halloween.  This is what happens when furniture gets delivered on a crazy busy day and you decide to frantically rearrange:


stuck couch

At one point in the evening we thought we might need to install an elevator if we ever wanted to use our basement again when we got our couch stuck in our basement.  Thankfully the hubby was able to extract this piece.

Happy first day of November and hope you have a lovely weekend.  Now what are YOU doing with all that candy?

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