Birthday Month Monday and some early morning shopping

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It’s my birthday month and I’m loving the love from some of my favorite stores.  For being a member on Anthro and Urban Outfitters, they send wishes with great coupons.  Tory Burch (I love that she’s a twin boy momma too!) sent me a $50 coupon which is VERY helpful in her stores. And I’m very excited to collect my yearly Sephora reward (I loved their Fresh mini lip gloss last year and this year, their birthday reward is from another of my makeup faves: Benefit who I’ll tell you more about later in this post!) Of course,  I’ll do my best to say thank you with some earnest shopping.  (If you’re not members of these great stores yes, it’s very worthwhile.)

jumping on leaves in a compost can

This Monday brings a little early rising because of Daylight Savings Time even though we should be EXHAUSTED from all the yard-work we did yesterday.  We have been up since before 6am and the guys are building with their legos.  They still use Duplo and it’s the BEST toy ever because they can easily build by themselves and they come up with such amazing things. This morning they’re imagining they are making Octonaut vehicles while they ‘read’ their Frown Fish book.

And me? I’m totally checking out this site: ThriftyLittles by a super-creative Seattle mom.  She finds really great deals on so many fashionable things and I love her sense of style and her awesome instagram feed.  I’m also checking out #Skiattle on Swopboard, another awesome Seattle-based website where people are selling their ski-stuff and helping out their community schools.

I’m totally going to make an effort to run this week too.  I’ve saved up all my Nordstrom notes and hopefully this lovely jacket will be a nice reward if I run every day.  (I need something to motivate me.)

prana white jacket
And come December, while the boys countdown with their lego advent calendars , I’ll be counting down too, with my Benefit one.  Thank you dear sweet Benefit so much for recognizing that mom’s might just want to get in on the fun too.  (I just hope I can wait till December to start opening it!!!)

benefit advent calendar

Happy Monday- would love to hear the fun things you’re doing WAY too early today:)  And do you celebrate your birthday for one day or do you have a birthday month too?

(PS. Ciate also has a nail-polish advent calendar if you want another grown-up advent calendar choice.)

(PPS. this is the makeup advent calendar I’ve been dreaming about for years.)




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