The Two Tuba Switch: An interesting toy for shy, young musicians #sponsored


November 21, 2013 by Terumi

two tuba switch review

The boys have been taking piano for a little while now.  They’re starting to read music and know which keys have what names.  I played piano when I was little and it is so weird to be on the parent side of the bench hearing them learn and not being the one doing everything this time.  Sometimes it’s painfully trying and disillusioning and then other times, I can’t believe how much they’ve learned in such a short time and it makes me so proud.

I think this is how many things in life are going to be from now on.

I think this is why the toy that I just received for review is pretty important.  Toys N’Tayles sent me their Two Tuba Switch for review.  I liked the idea that it’s about a boy who is shy and has a strange talent-he can turn into objects to deal with his problem and I thought this toy might be a good way to talk about feelings with my guys.  Just like we take lessons for piano, I think sometimes we need lessons for things like these too.

two tuba switch review

We opened up the package when it arrived and found a book and a bunch of soft toys, including a tuba with eyes.  As I read the story we learned about Mitch, the main character, and how he is so shy that one day he turns into a tuba and gets mixed in with his dad’s friends’ instruments.  Of course, Mitch’s way of coping has turned into a problem and it’s easy for even young kids like mine to understand from the catchy rhyming tale that it is okay that Mitch is shy but he needs to confront his shyness to ultimately prevent situations like this and to one day make friends.  The soft toys and book about Mitch made it easy to have a conversation with my guys about how they feel and I think there is a lot of merit in a toy that does this.

two tuba switch review

So what do they think?  The guys think the story is “weird, but in a good way because people shouldn’t be able to turn into objects.”  They like that they can hide things in the tuba toy.  And they love that their Octonaut toy can sit in the chair.

two tuba switch review

I liked the idea of the book and I liked the message it sends. I also like that using these tools I was able to talk about feelings with my guys.  Unlike piano lessons where we get to learn together, I know they face so many social situations alone, and it’s nice that we could have a chance to practice thinking about some skills that are necessary but sometimes scary for little kids.  And, I like that there is opportunity for older kids to get creative-after reading the book kids can submit ideas to Toys N’Tayls for situations that might make Mitch shy and I think talking about Mitch can help a lot of kids deal with social stress.

Ultimately we need more toys like this in the world and I’m glad I had the chance to try this one out.

(PS. I received compensation and a sample for review, but I was not required to review this toy and the opinions here are my own.)


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