Perfect present for parents of Lego-lovers and a fun night in Bellevue (Snowflake Lane)

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In Bellevue last night we braved the crowds to see Snowflake Lane.  I thought it might not be busy because it was a weeknight and school isn’t out yet, but it was still pretty packed.  It has changed a lot, even since last year.

snowflake lane bellevue

In the past few years the best spots to watch with kids were nearby the little drummer boy stands so they could see the drummers drumming but this year it is better to be out in the street because that is where most of the action is.

snowflake lane seattle snow

The boys loved it and were thrilled by all the roving mascots.  And we even got a few shopping minutes in.

snowflake lane mascots bellevue

I found something at the Lego store that is an absolute life-saver for my fingernails. They need to put this in a more prominent spot.

lego brick separator

This is a Lego Brick Separator and I think it might be my new best friend.  I was even thinking of picking up a bunch and gifting them with a bottle of wine for boy-mom friends.  Oh, Lego.  We have a love-hate relationship.

lego brick seperator

(PS. I try to steer clear of any of the16+ years Lego building sets in the store because if and when my guys think they want one of those I’m going to need to find a class in lego-building; I was okay with Duplo but even the basic kits they’ve been getting recently are TRICKY!)



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