Easy Homemade Valentines Love bugs that are not candy


January 29, 2014 by Terumi

For some reason I remember collecting these cute little love bugs when I was little but I don’t think I ever made them.  So this is one of the Valentines I decided that the guys and I would make for their school friends this year (while I still get to make those kinds of decisions around here.) With Pom poms, glue, pipe cleaners, eyeballs and some card stock, they’re pretty easy to make.

materials for love bug craft
I actually ordered most of the stuff on amazon and it was here in two days with amazon prime (I love prime!!!!!!) so you definitely have time to get this together before Valentines day.

The hardest part of this craft is making sure the pipe cleaners wrap around the Pom Pom for the antennae and my guys had trouble with this part.  I think you could even do this part FOR your kid if you’re making a lot for a class-there’s a lot of gluing and choosing and sorting for them to do as it is.

I like big eyeballs for bugs and I cut the pipe cleaners a little shorter so the antennae wouldn’t be so long but it’s up to you.  Everything except for the pipe cleaners were attached with glue.

The little hearts are made from felt and the guys and I thought they looked really cute on the antennae ends.  But we had philosophical differences on what makes a body because of this craft. I thought that this could just be a bug head, but the duo needed it to be an actual body with feet. So we glued the Pom Pom Bugs on card-stock hearts for feet to settle this debate and to help the bugs stand up.

You could glue them onto magnets so that they get more use after Valentine’s day.  I also thought making them into rings by gluing them onto these would have been fun too.  I’ve seen love bug crafts where you make your own pom pom on this great site and here is a cute magnet love bug version on Make and Takes too!

But I had tons of little containers left over from the guys’ construction party so I ordered little grow bugs from amazon.

grow bugs

We made a note that said “now that you caught a love bug just add water to help it grow,” and sealed it in the jar.

love bug craft jarsjars full of bugs for love bug craft
Our cute little homemade valentines bug friend was glued happily on top.

love bug valentine's craft
So our easy valentine craft not only looks cute but it entertained us for A WHOLE AFTERNOON.  And that is one of the best parts about Valentine’s day for me-so much entertainment from one simple lovely, little day.  I’d love to hear if you make these too!

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