C is for Cookies EVERYWHERE in Seattle

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I’m a little biased when it comes to cookies. My sis is an amazing baker/decorator and she and her husband started a successful Canadian cookie business called the Steveston Cookie Company and I can always count on her to create ANY kind of cookie I can imagine.
cookies from the Steveston Cookie Company
I also grew up sampling cookies in my bestie s’s kitchen and I’m thankful I can still count on her to have amazing goodies whenever we meet up.  (I can’t tell you how much it made me giggle when I linked to her blog and her most recent post was…..corn COOKIES.  Dear S, great minds do always think alike xoxo!)  And I know that my freshman 15 was largely (*gulp*) due to the fact that Blue Chip Cookies on the UBC campus were too irresistible.
But here in Seattle, cookies seem like they’re just starting to get the popularity they deserve.  I’ve been hearing a lot about a bakery called Hello Robin lately and I love the idea of a new stand alone cookie shop in a town full of cupcakes and pie and I’ve heard hers are the best in town right now.  (I still love all things cupcake and pie, but this just adds another sweet to the rotation!) And now that the Seattle Sounders season (we’ve been fans for years now!) is starting up again, I know we’ll be have a lot more opportunities to revisit Cow Chip Cookies in Pioneer Square too.
Cookies from the kids' menu at Hi-Life
My guys recently enjoyed the make-your-own-cookie from the kid’s meal at the Hi-Life.  This delicacy is on the kids’ meal and it’s only a couple of dollars to create a cookie while you wait for your food and have it baked while you eat so it’s warm and ready for dessert.  I wish there was something like this on the grownup menu too!
And I’ve also heard a few places are doing cookies and milk hours.  Parfait over on Ballard is known for ice cream but their cookies also sound yummy and I heard they have a cookie and milk happy hour between 3-5 pm.  Cupcake Royale is doing something similar and I hope we can pop in there too (I saw this on Yay-today! another Seattle blog that I love.)
So I’m hoping all my running counteracts the cookie madness I foresee in the next little while.  I may have to get this shirt.

run for cookies exercise shirt

Or one that says “I’m running BECAUSE of all the cookies.” We’ll see.

But my favorite place for cookies is still the Dahlia Bakery and this little batch of cookies I saw a few weeks ago that makes me love them even more.  There is no better reason to buy cookies than if they help others.  These have to be the best kind of cookies in the world.

Dahlia Bakery Cookies for a cause

I definitely think cookies have a lovely place in this dessert-filled city and I can’t wait to see more of them.  Have you noticed cookies popping up everywhere where you are?

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