10 or so things I’ll probably buy at the Container Store before Monday


April 12, 2014 by Terumi

Oh how The Container Store is brilliant.  If it weren’t for my husband I’d be a clutterer/hoarder/disaster/junk heap but every time I walk into that store something overcomes me and I feel like I could be an organizational genius and everything wants to come home with me. So a few days ago I was invited for a blogger preview of their new Tukwila store and over lunch we learned about all the glorious products that they have.  And then my wallet started to itch and wiggle.  And thank goodness the store couldn’t open until Friday because my cart would have been full.

If it is still April 12 or 13th (2014) it’s a really good time to buy at the new Tukwila store because 10% of the purchases will go to Fred Hutchinson on the grand opening weekend and that is such an amazing cause.  (And apparently there’s no limit on what they’ll donate!)  When I went I spotted the umbra coat hooks I have in my home entry way. (they’re the one in the top of the picture.) They’re handy for small spaces and I like how they tuck in when they aren’t being used.


These apples look like a fun way to present back to school.


And all these containers just beg to come home.


I know someone who bangs her head a lot who would probably appreciate these retro ice bags.


I also really wanted this packing system.  Apparently 12 shirts can fit in there.  We have other Eagle Creek packing cubes. But this looks genius. (The hubby says I’d never be able to make it work but I have confidence that now he’s said that it’ll become my favorite travel product ever.)


And I totally wanted these removable photo frames to stick to my kitchen wall so I can actually display my kids art.


So hopefully I get a chance to make my purchases count towards something better too because it’s nice when shopping for me might help others in the process. If you get a chance to stop in and shop BEFORE Monday it’s a great time to do it.

(PS. I was not required to write this post by anyone, I just had a fun time and I love a company that gives back to good causes.  Of course all these ideas here are my own.)

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  1. […] recently took off on an adventure I bought him this awesome eagle creek pack it folder I saw at the Container Store a few months […]

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