A bunch of things I’m shopping for on a Monday after a vacation

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We just got back from our whirlwind European trip so you can expect to see a lot of travel posts in the next little bit, but for today, this lovely morning when I’ve been awake since 3am with one energetic, jet-lagged little boy, I’m shopping while the sun rises.  And it’s perfect.  Isn’t this how all Monday’s feel after a vacation?
And if you see me right now you’ll probably think I’m wrapped up in a blanket we’ve snatched from the plane, but we actually bought the Iceland air blanket that’s keeping my toes warm on the couch.  (I am currently in LOVE with Iceland Air because they were so good to my family and I love how you can even use their rewards club SAGA points to buy things like food or products from their catalog.)  They gave the kids some adorable blanket backpacks and I wanted my own blanket souvenir too.
And because we were traveling with kids in Europe it was hard to shop and I think that’s one added bonus for my husband when we travel with our guys because the places we visited were so full of neat things I probably would have bought EVERYTHING if it was just him and me. In Copenhagen, I fell in love with a store called ILLUMS BOLIGHUS and I’m so thankful you can buy things from them online.  Their windows were absolutely beautiful decorated and I could easily spend a day there and thankfully they had a children’s area so the hubby and I could take turns and shop and even though it was brief, it was magical.

kids area at Illums Borghus in Copenhagen

I especially like these Kay Bojesen love birds

love birds made of wood

and this Ilse Jacobsen rainjacket to wear while I bike around the city on my new bike

rain jacket that would work for biking

and they had a great selection of Anne Black ceramics too.  (In store they were also really helpful in explaining how to get the 25% tax back on purchases at the airport which I thought would be really difficult.  I bought a few things and it was nice getting enough change back for some snacks and maybe lunch at the airport.)
And yes, moments after we landed, I ended up getting a bike because we pretty much biked everywhere on the Copenhagen leg of our trip and I was addicted.  The hubby and I differed greatly on what we thought MY bike should look like. And while I did not end up getting the bike of my dreams,

hello kitty bike for women

I’m pretty excited about the bike I got and hopefully I’ll make good use of it.  I’ll be updating you on all my biking mishaps adventures in the next little while too.

And another thing that was waiting in the big pile of mail when we arrived was something fabulous lovely Jessica from Oh So Antsy made me. (I buy myself a lot of things but my favorite things I buy myself are my ‘from me’ Mother’s Day presents.) I saw a cute necklace somewhere with a moon and some stars and my guys are so into space lately.  So I told Jessica and she made my dreams come true.


She is oh so totally talented and my gift for me was perfectly packaged!
So while I put on my necklace, snuggle in my blanket and lose myself in this cup of coffee and all the shopping emails I missed, I hope you have a lovely morning and if you didn’t catch the sunrise with me today, there’s always tomorrow.  Happy Monday!

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  1. Your dream bike looks a lot like the bike I had in Sweden. Oh how I wish I had just paid to send that bike home. I loved it and it’s built in person powered bike light.

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