Yummy things I’ve eaten this week

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Oh dear.  This was not a week I was supposed to be eating anything yummy.  I’ve been trying to get back to my exercise routine and I have a fancy dress to look nice in for the hubby’s work function that is coming up too soon.  But, this week I ate out with some girlfriends and somehow I got a craving for corn.  (Don’t we all get corn moments when we think of summer?)  And then there it was on the menu at Poquitos; a dish that was ALL corn.  A heaping skillet of the type of corn for lazy people like me who don’t want the hassle of eating it on the cob but want it chopped up for them with all sorts of yummy toppings like herbs and butters and maybe cheese.

And then at Metropolitan Market I noticed there was a yummy corn salad there too and we tried some with our dinner the other night and the combination of corn and tomatoes and fresh herbs was so tasty that one of my little guys thought it was THE BEST too.  So I’m now adding these recipes to my dinner ideas for the next little while: one for a little too much jalapeno and corn salad that I might need to take some of the jalapeno out of and one from my favorite Savory Sweet Life cookbook and hopefully that will get me ready for summer barbeques.

But the deliciousness did not end there.  Somehow the hubby convinced me to take my new bike on a ride to the market.  And since we both survived the ride we ended up at iconic Matts in the Market which for some reason in all our years in Seattle we have never ever tried.

falafel dish at Matt's in the Market

view from matt's in the market

It is probably the loveliest place to eat in Pike Place Market because it has the most perfect view of the top of the market and water and the food was so good and the outside light just makes the whole restaurant glow. We might have spotted some hidden pigs from our window seat so I was definitely thrilled.

hidden Pike Place market pigs

They even had my perfect dessert: a fancy coffee ice cream cake topped with caramelized bananas. It was almost as if my favorite breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe: bananas foster French toast and coffee has transformed itself into a dessert. ( a disclaimer: I have a pinterest board called bananas everything. I may have a small but manageable banana addiction.)

cronut at Babar Seattle

But I was not able to convince the hubby to try the banana cream Cronut at Ba bar where we also ate this week. We were boring and just got a regular one, but we had to try one before the craze moves on to something new.


And then thankfully this book arrived so I can take a little break from restaurant eating for a few days in favor of reading about eating which is a lot more body friendly. I’ve already read more from this book than I have read in any other book for months and I just can’t put it down.  Molly Wizenburg’s writing is so freshly honest and intriguing (but you all knew all that already) and it’s all about some Seattle restaurants I love and I’m always curious about the story about the things that I eat and buy.  I definitely foresee a Delancey visit in the coming weeks.

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