Copenhagen, Denmark with kids: a phototease

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Copenhagen was the last leg of an amazing trip and I keep avoiding writing about it because it was my new ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD and I fear that my soul thinks that if I write about it, the trip will finally be over, even though we’ve been back for weeks now.

copenhagen playgroundmirror house at copenhagen playground on the water in copenhagen    ride at tivoli gardens   copenhagen by bike

It is a truly beautiful city full of amazing things.  The food tastes good.  The fresh air that teases your hair as your ride through the city (yes, we rented bikes for the three days that we were there) is exhilarating and there are so many gorgeous parks and stores and neat people to watch it’s overwhelming every time you turn a on the water

Royal smushi cafe in copenhagen denmark20140530-071705-26225868.jpghow to bike around copenhagen with kidsflowers in tivoli gardenscopenhagen cafemarekt in copenhagen20140530-071706-26226682.jpg

I fully embraced my half-Scandinavian roots in this city.

copenhagen cafecopenhagen from a boat tour

And I will tell you more about it when I get the courage to let this become just a memory.


We all want to go back.

i think this was a bankbikes everywhere

In another life, this is a city I would live in.

20140530-071335-26015715.hans christian anderson housebiking around copenhagen

(PS. if you’re curious about the other places we went, we visited Iceland and Paris and Strasbourg and Zurich.)



10 thoughts on “Copenhagen, Denmark with kids: a phototease

    1. Thanks Nicole! Bikes were definitely perfect. And yes, I think I just need to enjoy the memory and I can’t wait to book a ticket back;)

  1. I know exactly how you feel about writing about these special places! I often waiver between getting on right away, and sharing memories while they are free and waiting awhile to let things settle and marinate so that I can do the place justice in sharing! It’s tough because I fear I’ll just end up procrastinating!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the Copenhagen pics! We’ve talked about visiting the city for years…seems so perfect for family travel.

    1. I think you and Copenhagen are perfect for each other with the biking and outdoors and just so many beautiful things. I really want to visit Norway too now that I’ve had a little peek at Scandinavia and I think you’ve been there so I know who to ask about what to see;)

  2. I will visit Copenhagen in less than a month and with every post I see, I get more and more excited. It looks like such a pretty city, I’m sure I’ll love it 😀

    1. You are going to have so much fun! We ended up here quite by accident and it’s been one of my favorite places I’ve ever been.

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