Because I’m not traveling on a Monday

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Mondays are better with painted toes and my sis and I managed to have a much needed sister date this weekend at a neat branch of the Absolute Spa Group at the Fairmont Hotel at the Vancouver airport.  It was so nice to just sit back, chat and watch our ugly toes turn pretty colors and it was the perfect way to spend the Summer Solstice (I decided to avoid the naked parade in Seattle this year. We made the mistake of bringing the kids last year and that was ALL they could talk about for months.)

apple pie dessert at globe yvr

We topped our night off with a yummy dessert in the hotel lounge and it was such a comfortable place to just have some food and drink and think about other people traveling on cool adventures.  The atmosphere was swank but relaxing and it was one of the neatest lounges I’ve ever been to because the sun was setting and planes were taking off and we had no place to go so we could soak it all in or maybe I just loved it because I was with my sister.  (But if you ARE off on an adventure from yvr, the bathroom here is probably the best one EVER if you really need to go before your trip.)

larry berg flight path park is fun even if you're not traveling


larry berg flight path parkLarry Berg Park

There is also a really neat park by the airport in Vancouver too.  It’s called Larry Berg Flight Path Park and you’ll know it because of a big bubble world thing in the middle that you can stand on. (I’m not sure if you’re supposed to but EVERYTIME we pass the place someone is standing on it) The day we went it was all gated off, so I don’t even have pictures and WE didn’t stand on it, but the kids love running the runways and if you come at night you can watch planes fly over your head and everything is lit up.  On a clear night it’s spectacular- I LOVE this park!

larry berg flight path park with kids

And because my hubby recently took off on an adventure I bought him this awesome eagle creek pack it folder I saw at the Container Store a few months ago.

eagle creek packing folder review
It is genius and he thought it was the best way to pack business clothes.

eagle creek packing folder review
It also comes with one of those awesome folding boards if you’re horrible at folding (like me!) so I may even start using the board at home too!  But seriously this is a revolutionary packing product and I think we’ll be buying more ASAP.

I also read about a cool Hawaiian adventure on the Big Island in the Puget sound journey magazine: I never realized there was such thing as a seahorse farm and the next time we head to the Big Island, I totally want to visit.  (Last time, my quest was for a mochi store that was absolutely divine!

And because there are all these people traveling out there, I’m trying to figure out what to do with our summer too.  I’m looking at some local adventures near Seattle and Vancouver but maybe we just want to get out and travel too-the world is big and we love to explore.  So far this summer we’re pretty busy with weddings and cabin building  so maybe that’s enough on our plate. (I do have cabin news to share soon!  I just don’t want to jinx anything!)  You know how that goes.

But if we could go anywhere, I’ve got my eye on Finland because of posts like this one from a blog called Keeps Me Smiling, New York City thanks to Trekaroo and Panama because of some posts by Pint-Sized Pilot and Walking on Travels.


So happy Monday and hope you’re enjoying the first real days of summer.  Me, I had my first screamer of the year, so I’m set.

eating steveston screamers

And yes, we’ll be watching the game Thursday.  (We love our Sounders FC!)

8 thoughts on “Because I’m not traveling on a Monday

    1. Makes you glad you moved here, right? At least it was sunny so the paint probably held up. Some years it rains….

  1. Omg seahorse farm?! Good find! I would like to go there. And it was a lovely weekend… We’ll have to hit up that lounge again 🙂

    1. I know! Who would have thought someone could farm seahorses? And, yes to the lounge. And the park at night. I want to see a jet fly over our heads!

  2. Hi Terumi, Although it only 10 minutes from my house, I’ve always wanted to stay at the YVR Fairmont. I guess I just like the idea of watching people going places from the comfort of a Fairmont room. :D.
    P.S. Thanks so much for the shout out about my posts on Panama (Pint Size Pilot).

    1. It’s such a great airport! My sis lives in steveston so we like to hang out in the area:) if we end up going to panama it’s seriously because of your posts! So beautiful:)

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