Golden Gardens and Pancakes for lunch (Seattle, WA)

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June 24, 2014 by Terumi

An alternate perfect ending to this adventure would be stopping at the Ballard Paseo window on our way into the park for a yummy picnic lunch.  But we decided that we wanted pancakes for lunch that day so we made sure to end our trip with Portage Bay Cafe.  We were surprised at how many jellyfish were in the water – every time we scooped in our bucket we found hundreds of them, so I’m not sure if I’d let the kids wade in the water here.

jellyfish in bowl

jellyfish from Golden Gardens

Maybe it was just the day we went.  But we’ve loved our beach adventures at all our nearby parks so far this summer and we’ve worn boots most of the time. (We’ve been to Discovery Park and Carkeek a lot and they’ve been fun!)

We hadn’t been to Golden Gardens in ages and I forgot how amazing their playground is here.  This is definitely one of the best playgrounds in Seattle because of its proximity to the beach, bathrooms and food in Ballard.

playground at golden gardens

And this slide should be voted “slide with the best view” in Seattle.

playground at golden gardens

A couple hours here go by too quickly.

beach at golden gardensgolden gardens beach

seagulls on the beach20140624-074429-27869867.jpglittle turtleanemones and barnacles

And topping the day off with pancakes and french toast makes it perfect.  (Unless it’s Caribbean sandwiches, so you have to do this trip twice!)

french toast from portage bay cafe


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