If I owned a bakery and a few other lovely places in Denmark I dream about daily


June 27, 2014 by Terumi

We were so lucky that when we visited Copenhagen, our Airbnb rental was literally right above a fabulous bakery.

wulf and constaliwulf and konstalisandwich at wulf and konstali

I think we ended up going to Wulf and Konstali at least once every day while we were there. The bread and pastries were fantastic and there were so many deli items that it was easy to pick up some neat yogurts or salads to go with our eat-at-home meals too. I heard it had a great breakfast but we never made it down to actually eat breakfast in, but I loved watching people run in to get delicious things and if I owned a bakery it’s exactly what I would want mine to look like.

foodshop26 in copenhagenfoodshop 26 in copenhagen
I also stopped at a bakery I saw on pinterest called Foodshop26 and I wasn’t even looking for it-we were cycling back to our apartment and there it was!  One morning I cycled there to pick up pastries and jam and I saw a mom and her little son eating a toast breakfast that looked just dreamy.

playground in copenhagenmirror house in copenhagenplayground at tivoli gardens
But all of Copenhagen just seemed magical. There were so many amazing playgrounds

tivoli gardensbig giraffe carousel in tivoli gardens in Denmarktivoli gardenstivoli gardens
and he kids could have stayed at Tivoli gardens forever.  It had such adorable rides and we ate a WagaMama (a restaurant we loved in London) there too!  And because we biked everywhere I felt so healthy.  The design community there is huge and I couldn’t help but want to buy everything: my favorite store was definitely Illums Bolighus and I loved all the neat markets and food stands that we kept finding everywhere.  I was so amazed at all the neat things we found every time we turned a corner-Copenhagen was just filled with so much beauty!veggie stand in copenhagencute copenhagen store windowneat building in copenhagen Denmark with kidscentral hotel and cafe
I think I could move to Copenhagen if I didn’t love Seattle so much.  In another life this place would be the most perfect place to live.  (Have you been to Copenhagen?  I’d love to hear!  I totally and missing it and want to go back ASAP!)


  1. majl says:

    That giraffe on the carousel is amazing!

    • Terumi says:

      I thought it was pretty incredible too! And I was a little scared that the guys wouldn’t be able to get off of it, but thankfully they did:)

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