Where my kids discovered cucumber cream cheese sandwiches and scones (adorabelle tea room, Steveston, BC)

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I always knew my kids would love sushi and perogies because those ingredients are a part of their souls.
And they have to love Taco Time because the hubby and I have had some of our best dates on Taco Tuesdays long ago.

mini starbucks baristas
And they will have no problem understanding the different nuances in different cups of coffee one day because they’ve been to so many coffee shops and farms with us, that it’s just a part of life.

adorabelle tea room
But cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are relatively new and the boys love them because we recently had high tea at an adorable Steveston tea room called Adorabelle Tea Room and those sandwiches were so yummy my sister and I didn’t get to taste any of them!

adorabelle tea roomtea with kids in vancouver
My guys decided they liked high tea when we went with my mom for her birthday at Urban Tea merchants in downtown Vancouver. And then my sister told me there was a beautiful tea room in her neighborhood that we just had to try.

adorabelle tea room in steveston   kids tea at adorabelle tea room kids' tea at adorabelle tea room
Sure enough, this tea house has such amazing character and pretty details.
They even have a kids’ tea with cake pops, egg and cucumber cream cheese sandwiches, and the most delicious scones I’ve had in a while.  So I totally knew it was okay to bring them along for tea.

adorabelle tea roomsteveston adorabelle tea room
Tea with 5-year old boys is not relaxing but we had a pretty fun time together and they seemed to understand this is a special occasion kind of thing.  And they were especially thrilled that our sweet host let us bring home a leftover scone with some delicious devonshire cream for a snack later in the day.

high tea in vancouverhigh tea with kids in richmond
And of course I love Steveston and I adore my sis so I know we’ll definitely be back and this adorable tea room would be a fabulous place to visit if you’re in the area too.

(PS. when you’re there, check out the ceiling and the tea cups on the wall.  There are just so many beautiful details tucked into this this space!)














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